Friday, 2 December 2016

Things Come In Threes

Winter may not be a time for active gardening, yet it's a good time to observe. Rather than the full-on effect of summer abundance, it can be the best time to notice the little things.

Three Today

1. On a micro-level, while photographing one of the few remaining rose blooms, my eye was drawn to a small slug sheltering between the petals. I did consider removing it,  but on reflection, I left it there.
2. The leaves of the columnar beech have all fallen. At a certain time of the day, the low sun glints through the boughs. It's time to appreciate the beauty even when the tree is bare.
3. The winter lettuce is thriving, despite some hard frost, and the first narcissus is in full bloom. That's crazy for the 2nd of December!

Narcissus Ziva (click for details)

Secret hideaway

However, There's A But

Interestingly, I find myself walking much more slowly. On the flip-side, this slow walking leads me to see small tasks that need attending to. Here's today's three:

  • thin the thriving winter lettuces
  • replace one cracked glasshouse pane
  • spray the window-box pansies for whitefly! I'd have thought that hard frost would have helped me out, but the buggers are still there

Task 1: Winter lettuce needs thinning
Task 2: replace the pane to stop draughts

Task 3: kill the critters the frost left behind!

I have resolved not to complete these tasks on the spot. Rather, they get added to my mental schedule for later in the day / week. Besides, my garden ramble is before breakfast, and the kettle usually is on the boil.

Happy gardening,


  1. I've been doing something very similar (in fact blogged on this yesterday!). I am trying to walk around my garden for 5 minutes every day, and try to quietly observe it rather than acting on 'what needs doing'. I've already discovered things I wouldn't have otherwise. It pays to slow down.

    I love that Narcissi, not heard of that one before. *adds to list*

    1. Snap! I read your's this morning and it prodded my to write about this! Let's follow one another's "observations"?


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